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Traumatic Stress Recovery Program Overview
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Traumatic Stress Recovery Program
Live Your Life Again

Many who suffer from PTSD struggle to return to their daily lives, grappling with hopeless feelings, anxiety, shame, and fear. There is a way out. Our comprehensive Traumatic Stress Recovery Program will help you manage and relieve the symptoms of PTSD.  Contact us today to see if our program is right for you.

Our next TSRP begins:
First Responders: January 10 & February 22, 2022 (Now accepting registrations)
General Public: November 8, 2021 (Now accepting registrations)
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Limited space available

Our next A&DRP begins:
First Responders: April 4, 2022
General Public: Oct 31, 2022
ADRP Brochure


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Traumatic Stress Recovery Program Nutrition and Mental Health

We understand that healing trauma is a life long journey and our traumatic stress recovery program offers hope and healing in the journey of recovery.

Traumatic Stress Recovery Program Treatment Modalities

Our highly-trained clinical team can help you understand PTSD and its related conditions, and provide support tailored to your experience and symptoms.

Traumatic Stress Recovery Program Nutrition and Mental Health

Nutrition and meal preparation is an integral part of the program. We prepare meals together with our clients and often refer to this as our “Kitchen Therapy”.

Client Testimonials

Begin the journey
toward getting your life back

If you think this program is right for you or your loved one, contact us today.


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