Program FAQ

Program FAQ

While deciding if the program is right for you, we’ve provided answers to the most commonly asked questions.

While deciding if the program is right for you, we’ve provided answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Program testimonial and FAQ of a Paramedic who attended our program.

Included in the cost of the program is your accommodation at our Residence in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Our Residence provides a home-like, safe environment that is conveniently located near the clinic and various amenities. Each resident will have their own room with a locking door. Bathrooms, cooking facilities, laundry facilities and outdoor spaces are shared.
Each participant arranges their own travel to and from Kelowna at the beginning and end of the program as well as during the week at home (week 3). We will assist you in arranging for your transportation to and from the airport (if required), between the residence and the clinic, and to and from all activities (yoga, floating, outdoor & weekend activities). Residents are welcome to bring their own cars if they feel comfortable driving, we provide parking at the residence and the clinic.
We encourage participants to have a support person (spouse, sibling, parent, etc.) attend part of the program. We understand that these support people play an important role in recovery and would like to include them on the journey of healing. Your support person will stay at the Residence and they can attend your individual counselling sessions as well as any group activities that take place during their stay. This person can attend the first week or the first and the second week of the program. There is an additional fee to have a support person attend the program and it must be approved by the clinical team.
During the first two weeks and the last two weeks of the program with you will stay at the Residence on weekends and participate in group activities with the other residents. There is no treatment at the clinic over the weekend. Meals and transportation on weekends will be provided and costs associated with weekend activities (skiing, kayaking, hiking, biking, etc.) are included as well.
All meals are included in the cost of the program. In the first week of the program, a nutritionist will meet with the clients and provide recommendations for eating that supports positive physical and mental health. Each day, participants prepare meals together along with the trained support worker who stays at the Residence. Breakfast is prepared as a group each morning under the guidance of one residents, each resident takes turns having this responsibility. Bagged lunches are then prepared in the for residents to bring to the clinic. The group meets again in the evening to prepare dinner as a team, again under the direction of one of the group members. Grocery shopping is done as a group and follows the recommendations set out by the nutritionist.

At Diversified, we believe that the best treatment occurs in an environment that closely mirrors real life. Residents engage in normal, everyday activities such as cooking, cleaning, relaxing, grocery shopping, and exercising. Our program supports this in a way that not many other programs do.

At the Residence, you will participate in psychoeducation which educates about the nature of trauma, anxiety, depression and how it relates to individual development, relationships, and everyday functioning.

Psychoeducation has shown to be an effective intervention method when combined with clinical treatment and has positive outcomes on the participant’s understanding of PTSD (Fisher, 2008).
Fisher, M. E. (2008).

The use of psychoeducation in the treatment of PTSD with military personnel and their family members: an exploratory study from a clinician’s perspective.

With your permission, our clinical team will communicate and work with your existing community supports. If requested, they may receive copies of your intake and discharge reports as well as be part of meetings with you and your assigned counsellor. During the Post-Treatment Support segment of the program, we will follow up with you and your community support members to prevent relapse and ensure on-going success.

Each client will have their own furnished, private bedroom and shared bathrooms. Please be sure to bring your own clothes, toiletries and any medications you are currently taking. Shared laundry room and supplies are available on site. You will participate in recreational activities which can include hiking, walking, yoga, swimming, meditation and other cardiovascular exercises.

Please bring the following items:

  • casual and comfortable clothing; t-shirts, shorts, yoga pants and/or sweat pants, sweatshirts/hoodies
  • runners/hiking boots
  • water bottle
  • jacket/rain jacket/umbrella
  • winter jacket/gloves (seasonal)
  • swim suit
  • toiletries
  • current medications
  • laptop or tablet (optional)
  • cell phone
  • headphones
  • favorite book

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